Five Tips:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Be aware of what’s around you and keep your eyes open
  • Do not participate in winter sports if you are drunk or tired
  • Know your limits, and know when it’s time for you to step aside
  • Regularly take rest breaks

Which tip is the most important?

Our number one tip is to know your limits. Statistics show that traumatic brain injury cases have not declined in the past ten years, even though helmet-wearing people are more common.

Research suggests that there is an extreme, high-risk skiing and snowboard culture that is being promoted. TBI rates have not changed despite increased helmet use. This is due to increased awareness and resorts building terrain parks, jump Cliffs and half-pipes that weren’t there in the past.

The younger generation seems to think that skiing involves taking greater risks. These are risks that professional skiers and snowboarders should not be taking.

We recommend that you be aware of your limits and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

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