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Featuring Dr. Betty Delass

Birth Words: Language For a Better Birth

Talking About Pelvic Floor Health with Dr. Betty Delass, DPT

reBuild U

Women’s Pelvic Health Is More Than Kegels With Dr.Betty Delass

Birth Circle

Optimize YOUR Vagina


“The Optimal Vagina” with Pelvic Floor Therapist Betty Delass

Physical Emotional Health

Optimize Your Pelvic Health: Unfolding Facts with Dr. Betty Delass

VBAC Link – Ep. 198

Dr. Betty Delass with Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness

This is Ashlynn

Is It Normal To PeeMy Pants with Dr.Betty Delass (Pelvic Floor Specialist, PT, PDP)

Adventuring with Osteoarthritis

Leaking Urine is Not Normal! What To Do About Urinary Incontinence & Osteoarthritis with Dr. Betty Delass, PT

Holistic Hive

Pelvic Floor Health, an ongoing conversation and solution!

Sad Mom's Club

Rehab Your Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy and Postpartum with Vagina Magician Betty DeLass, PT, DPT

Health Collective

“Everybody has a Pelvic Floor” with guest Dr. Betty DeLass, PT, DPT

Chiropractic 4 Kids & Families


Join me and Betty DeLass (owner of Reborn Pelvic Health and Wellness) as we discuss all things Pelvic Floor PT. What it is. Why it’s important. And why it’s not talked about NEARLY enough.

Reclaiming Parenthood

On this episode, my pelvic floor therapist, Dr. Betty, joins me to discuss pelvic floor therapy and pelvic floor heath as well as how she uses dry needling in her practice.

The Sarah Clark Podcast