This is a great question that many important deciding factors go into answering. Let’s dive in!

We get this question all the time. No shame, guilt or TMI here! WE LOVE HELPING people put intimacy back into their relationships!

First off, we highly recommend seeing a pelvic floor rehab specialist like our specialized pelvic floor therapists at Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness. We will do a full body movement analysis and then address your breathing patterns, abdominal activation, glute activation, and overall mobility and strength after you have delivered your baby. It is essential to start pelvic floor rehab 2-4 weeks postpartum so that you can begin to integrate everyday movements and exercises together.  We will establish  an appropriate and progressive personalized plan for you. We, as pelvic floor providers, do not perform an internal pelvic floor exam until you have been cleared by your Midwife or OB. 

Next, we recommend waiting until after your 6 week appointment with your Midwife or OB to insert anything in the vagina. They are the providers that will “clear” you from a uterine healing perspective. When you give birth, you have a dinner plate size wound in your uterus from the placenta and that takes time to heal. Infection is the biggest risk of having anything inside the vaginal canal before it is fully healed. This applies to a vaginal or cesarean delivery. 

Once you have been “cleared” by your OB or Midwife, we highly recommend continuing to see a pelvic floor rehab specialist like our specialized pelvic floor therapists at Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness. We can then continue working with you as a whole person. At this point it would be appropriate to  add an internal pelvic exam to your treatment plan. This involves evaluating  and assessing the range of motion, strength, scar tissue, mobility, trigger points, etc of your pelvic floor and all the things that attach to it. This will give both you and us an idea of where you are physically with returning to penetrative intercourse or tampon/menstrual cup insertion.

If you find that you attended your OB or Midwife 6 week postpartum exam and/or have tried to insert anything into the vaginal canal and it is painful, uncomfortable, buring, or just does not feel right down there, know that it is not normal and you would benefit from an evaluation from a pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist. We have a vital role in helping you achieve normal mobility, strength, and sensation to the pelvic floor area. 

NOTE: If your provider ever says “just drink some wine” or “give it some more time” we recommend making an appointment with a specialized pelvic rehab provider. Make sure you seek out a provider that will guide you in the right direction on how to achieve normal function of your pelvic floor after birth. 

After being assessed from a musculoskeletal standpoint, you will be better able to make a decision on whether or not your body is physically ready to have anything inserted into the vaginal canal. That being said, we specialize in the overall body function, mobility and stability and there are many other factors, including but not limited to, your relationship, your overall mood, sleep, and energy levels..

Another factor  that you may want to consider, if you are physically feeling ready to have anything inserted in the vaginal canal is lubrication. You will want to make sure that you have significant lubrication to help during that first attempt. Check out our optimal lube guide to make the best choice for you:

Ultimately, the decision is up to you and you alone on what is best for your body. We are here to help guide and support you along that journey!

Do you have pelvic floor dysfunction? Let our expert pelvic health physical therapist start your journey off on the right foot! We are here to help.

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