Besides being the most amazing people on the planet, we help optimize your vagina! (Yes, I totally just said vagina in a blog post and I am not apologizing for it).

Most people are familiar with physical therapy, while “pelvic floor” physical therapy is beginning to become a major buzz word recently. Simply put, pelvic floor physical therapists specialize in “all the things down there.” We help people stop peeing their pants, ditch low back or hip pain and regain an enjoyable sex-life.

We at Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness specialize in preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. This period of time places huge demands on your body mentally, emotionally and physically. We believe that working upstream pays divot-ends later in life. Why wouldn’t we set our bodies up for success?

Our company is devoted to providing world-class pelvic health physical therapy in Utah. We are passionate about finding the “why” behind your symptoms. Our expert therapists will perform a thorough history review, a full body evaluation with both external and internal pelvic floor examination to help create a plan of care that is individualized for you and your goals.

We are doctors of physical therapy that have done extensive educational training to be able to evaluate not only the entire body, but also the connections of the muscles in your pelvic floor and optimize functions around urinary, bowel and sexual health. We literally can treat the entire body from a holistic and comprehensive viewpoint. It is incredible!

During an evaluation we will do a whole body movement assessment. We will then deep dive into your spine, ribs, breathing mechanics, abdomen, hips/SI/pubic bone and on down to the feet. Then we will perform with consent, and only with consent, an external and internal exam of the pelvis. It is similar to an OB/GYN or Midwife exam because it includes an internal pelvic exam. However, through the lens of a PT, we are looking at range of motion, strength, coordination, trigger points, restrictions, prolapse and scar tissue. We then connect all the dots about your musculoskeletal (bones and muscles) and neuromuscular (activation, control, coordination, etc) systems to devise an individualized treatment plan to resolve your symptoms and get you back to living life to the fullest.

If you think about it for a second, if you had a knee surgery or a shoulder surgery, when do you start physical therapy…?


What happens when we get pregnant, deliver and are now newly postpartum…?

Bye, see you in 6 weeks. At 6 weeks, you are “cleared.” And life is wonderful.


This, in our opinion, is a disservice to our birthing people. One of the biggest musculoskeletal events of your life is growing a human being, birthing and recovering from that event. We need to do better, period. And we are here to change that!

Pregnancy is often a time where your body will expose and bring light to many areas that may need some physical help. Although low back pain, pubic pain, and hip pain are all common in pregnancy. It doesn’t mean that it is normal. It is quite the opposite! You do not have to live with these symptoms, “just because you are pregnant” or if you have been told “it will go away when you are not pregnant anymore.” We are here to help! Many times our pregnant people have improved quality of life while pregnant, better birthing experiences and more ideal recovery postpartum.

Additionally, many people are unable to get back into exercising the way they would like to postpartum. Common things that interfere with return to activity include, but are not limited to low back pain, weakness in the core, diastasis recti, prolapse, scar tissue from delivery, pelvic pain, painful intercourse and leaking.

You do not have to always wear black leggings when working out. You can jump on the trampoline with your kids again. And bath time doesn’t have to be dreaded with low back pain.

No need to live your life with these things, as they are easily resolved with pelvic floor physical therapy! We help with many different conditions including but not limited to: endometriosis, c-section scar tissue, core strength, low back pain, SI joint pain, hip pain, tailbone pain, painful periods, painful intercourse, inability to insert a tampon or menstrual cup, urinary or fecal incontinence (leaking or pooping when you do not want to be), continuing exercise while pregnant, birth prep and return to exercise postpartum.

We will continue on our soap box until all birthing people have the standard of care of seeing a pelvic PT during pregnancy and postpartum.

If we are able to take care of our birthing people with the care they deserve, they will be better parents, better significant others, and better contributors to the community. It is so much bigger than the pelvic floor 🙂

We want everyone to optimize their vagina and live life to the fullest without even thinking about their pelvic floor.

For a quick screen to see if you qualify for pelvic floor PT, you can check out the Cozean Pelvic Floor Screening Protocol. If you answer 3 or more with a “yes” you belong in pelvic floor PT!

Do you have pelvic floor dysfunction? Let our expert pelvic health physical therapist start your journey off on the right foot! We are here to help.

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