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Menopause and the Pelvic Floor

Menopause and the Pelvic Floor Although pregnancy and childbirth are most commonly associated with the start of pelvic floor dysfunction, menopause and perimenopause can also cause changes in the pelvic floor that can lead to dysfunction or aggravate current issues....

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction What is it? Do you experience sharp, shooting, shearing pain in front of your pelvis and in between your thighs when walking up/down the stairs, moving legs apart such as turning around in bed or getting out of a car, or standing on one...

What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)?

By: Dr. Hyerim Kim, SPT (soon to be PT, DPT!) What is pelvic organ prolapse?  Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when pelvic organs; bladder, uterus, rectum or intestines, descend into the vaginal wall. Wait what?!!? This sounds scarier than it is! But honestly, it is very...

Diastasis Recti- AKA Abdominal Separation

We’ve all heard of it in some form or another. Diastasis recti, rectus diastasis, DRA (diastasis rectus abdominus), or just plain diastasis. It’s something most if not all of us wonder about while pregnant and after having a baby. I’m here to talk about all things...

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