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Dry Needling – What is it? (The Benefits of Dry Needling for Moms)

Dry needling is becoming quite the buzz word these days, and for a good reason!!! There is some amazing science to back it up, and it’s a clinical game-changer for both the provider and the patient! Even better, it is based on work done by a WOMAN!!! At Reborn Pelvic...

Pulling Back the Curtain on the 6 week Postpartum Check-up

Woohoo!!! You made it to the 6 week postpartum check up with your midwife or OB. You are “cleared” to have sex, return to exercise,and resume life as normal!  Stop…Wait…Rewind!  Go put that pre-printed checklist in the trash. I mean it. It’s absolute garbage advice....

The Top 5 Most Common Pelvic Floor Problems Postpartum

Pelvic floor issues are very common, especially before, during and after pregnancy. The good news is they can be easily treated by a specialized pelvic floor therapist. The pelvic floor helps provide stability to the core during movements, maintains bladder and bowel...

When Can I Have Sex?

This is a great question that many important deciding factors go into answering. Let’s dive in! We get this question all the time. No shame, guilt or TMI here! WE LOVE HELPING people put intimacy back into their relationships! First off, we highly recommend seeing a...

What To Expect At Your First Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Exam

Just like every other medical exam, we will talk extensively about your medical history, what symptoms you are dealing with and the personal goals that you want to achieve by coming to physical therapy. Next, we will go through a full-body movement assessment from...

Top 4 Kegel Myths Busted!

“DO YOUR KEGELS.” Unfortunately, this is a piece of advice that women are bombarded with day in and day out. Kegels, or pelvic floor exercises, were first described by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1950’s as a treatment for stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ...

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