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Why Men’s Pelvic Care Matters

In today’s fast-paced world, men often neglect a crucial aspect of their health—the pelvic floor. At Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness, we understand that issues like urinary hesitancy, frequent nighttime voiding, and challenges in sexual function are not just inconveniences; they significantly impact quality of life. Our Men’s Pelvic Care program is here to address these sensitive issues head-on, offering solutions that restore not just function but confidence too.

Who is this service for? Any man looking to improve pelvic floor strength, alleviate discomfort, or enhance urinary and sexual functions could benefit from our tailored approach. Curious about how it can help you? Read on to discover the transformative power of pelvic health.

Service Overview: What We Offer

Our Men’s Pelvic Care is designed to empower men through expert-guided pelvic floor exercises and therapy. By focusing on strengthening and controlling pelvic muscles, we help you:

  • Enhance Blood Flow: Improved circulation in the pelvic region.
  • Reduce Pain: Less discomfort in daily activities.
  • Boost Urinary and Bowel Control: Say goodbye to unexpected leaks and discomfort.
  • Improve Sexual Function: Enhanced performance and satisfaction.

Our program is backed by scientific methods and compassionate care, ensuring that your journey to recovery is both effective and respectful.

Key Benefits of Men’s Pelvic Care

  • Improved Nighttime Urinary Control: Reduce the need for frequent trips to the bathroom at night.
  • Decreased Urinary Hesitation and Dribbling: Experience more confidence in public restrooms.
  • Enhanced Ability to Empty the Bladder Fully: Feel relieved after every visit to the bathroom.
  • Relief from Constipation: A smoother, more regular bowel routine.
  • Boosted Sexual Health: Improved strength and control can lead to better experiences.

Our patients’ testimonials reflect significant improvements, bringing them relief and renewed vigor in their daily lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Our therapies are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Any initial discomfort typically fades as your body adjusts to the exercises.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement is perfect. We want you to feel at ease during each session.

What if I feel too uncomfortable during a session?

Our skilled therapists are here to ensure a supportive environment. We adjust our techniques to suit your comfort levels and needs.

Next Steps: Get Started with Men’s Pelvic Care

Ready to take control of your pelvic health? Contact us today to schedule your first session. Our friendly team is here to guide you every step of the way.

About the Author

Betty DeLass is a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in pelvic health. With over years of experience, Betty DeLass has helped countless men regain control and confidence through tailored pelvic care. Practicing at Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness in Lehi and West Jordan, Betty DeLass uses a patient-centered approach to deliver the best outcomes.

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Lacee Harris

Truly, I cannot express how wonderful Reborn is and how much they have helped me. I’ve never had a health professional care about my concerns and issues, and then address them like Reborn has. It’s not a “let’s just bandaid over the issue”, but truly figuring out why symptoms are occurring and using a whole body approach to fix and heal. They stay with you every step of the way and educate and encourage you. It’s been a life changing experience for me and I’m so grateful Betty had the passion to create her business to help women. Words cannot fully encompass how incredible the “vagina magicians” are until you experience it for yourself

Jessica Thompson

Dr. Betty and her staff are wonderful! Dr. Betty was able to clear up my issues in 5 visits. She informed me each visit and gave me tools to use outside of our visits. She is consent based and such a wonderful provider. She is truly a vagina magician!