Dr. Hayley Huntsman PT, DPT


Physical Therapist


Accepting New Patients

Dr. Hayley graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Utah in 2017. Her passion for Pelvic Health Physical Therapy began in high school, as she learned about manual treatment of the pelvic floor from a friend who was receiving treatment. Hayley quickly recognized the overwhelming need for pelvic health specialty care, and dedicated her focus in her graduate studies to learning about and seeking opportunities for hands-on practice of pelvic health therapy.
After graduation, Hayley started a Women’s Health Therapy Program where she refined her skills in working with clients experiencing pelvic and abdominal pain, urinary incontinence, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunction, perinatal care, and back, hip, and lower extremity pain. Hayley also has a strong background in generalized orthopedic care, as she understands the importance of treating the whole person and not just their specific impairments in order to see the most functional progress.
As she believes strongly in the need for increased awareness of the benefits of pelvic therapy, Hayley has been involved in community programs, spoken at health conferences, hosted booths at health and wellness fairs, and held core and pelvic floor workshops to introduce women and other medical providers to the incredible options for conservative management and improvement of pelvic floor dysfunction through physical therapy. 
For Hayley, pelvic health therapy is centered around the hope for feeling comfortable, confident, and capable in our own bodies and being empowered with the knowledge to impart positive, life-changing progress in our lives and relationships in ways we may never imagined were possible. Through manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, dry needling, education, and implementation of wellness strategies, Hayley works with her clients to customize their plan of care and reach their goals. 
Outside of the clinic, Hayley enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, kickboxing, spending time with her rabbit Dot, and creating customized designs with her embroidery and vinyl cutting machines. Hayley also works as adjunct faculty teaching Anatomy and Physiology at a nursing college. 
Dr. Hayley is providing services at our West Jordan, UT  and Lehi, UT locations.