Many people believe that the term “acute” refers to an injury and describes the level of pain. defines an acute injury as the “…abrupt onset. This refers to a condition. Acute can also refer to a condition that is short-term, rapidly progressing, and requires urgent care.

Swimming swimmers are not likely to suffer from “acute injuries” which require urgent medical attention. They experience slow-onset (insidious) injuries to their muscles and joints. These problems are often referred to as “overuse” issues. These issues are often treated by physical therapists.

Shoulder impingement This condition can be found here. This condition is usually caused by muscle imbalances or flexibility problems. Along with modifications or corrections to fly or freestyle swimming techniques, physical therapy can be very helpful.

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Chronic neck discomfort is a condition that’s often caused by repetitive neck and upper shoulder movements. Poor technique can often be the root cause. It is possible to get help from a qualified swim coach, as well as training modifications and application of ice on the affected area.

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Patellofemoral Pain – This is a problem with your kneecap that is most commonly seen in breaststroke swimmers. Kick modification, strengthening, and occasionally bracing are helpful in most cases.

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